Litice Castle in Czech Republic

Litice Castle stands on a rocky promontory in a meander of the Divoká Orlice river. It is built from solid pink granite and is said to be the birthplace of the Hussite king George of Poděbrady.The castle ruins,nature are surrounded by old beech trees and forest vegetation.

Litice Castle is one of the best preserved examples of castle architecture in East Bohemia. Castle Hill, on which Litice stands, is a natural monument. Visitors can climb up independently to the castle tower overlooking the Králický Sněžník mountain and the granite quarries in Litický Chlum. There is an exhibition of archaeological findings with historical photographs and postcards. Exhibitions, fencing displays and other cultural and social events are occasionally held in the castle grounds.

Autumn - Litice Castle

Life in the castle


Spring - Litice Castle


Winter  - Litice Castle